Reception news.

During January we have had a very exciting time learning about Castles, Knights and Dragons. The children are so enthusiastic about this that we have decided to carry on this topic for the next 3 weeks.

  • We will be reading lots of stories about dragons and knights e.g
    • How to Catch a Dragon by Caryl Hart
    • George’s dragon and George’s Dragon goes to School by Claire Freedman
    • Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex Smith
  • We will learn about the characters, where the story is set and have fun dressing up and acting out stories with our friends.
  • We will look at information books about castles and learn the names of parts of a castle. We will draw our own castles and dragons and write about them.
  • We will use our learning in phonics to help us to read and write simple words and sentences.
  • In guided reading we will be using story books and information books to develop our understanding of what we have read.
  • Our maths teaching will be finding out about size, shape, and weight and to learn to use maths vocabulary to describe these things. We will also be practising counting, writing numbers and using numbers in subtraction games.

How can you help at home?

Please listen to your child read their book for 10 minutes every day and write a message in their reading record so that we know how they have got on with their reading at home. Remember to send your child’s book bag in to school EVERY TUESDAY.

Help your child to notice and talk about shapes and numbers around them – in the home and also when you are out and about.

If you have any information books about dragons, knights or castles please can your child bring them in to show us?

Thanks for all your support

Curriculum news.

Here are some of the things that we are looking forward to learning about in the next few weeks:

  • Reading stories about light, dark and outer space
  • Using our imagination and telling stories in our ‘Space’ role play area
  • Finding out information about day and night such as which animals come out at night?
  • Learning phonics every day and practising blending letters to read words
  • Hearing the sounds in words and knowing how to write them
  • Counting objects accurately and writing numerals
  • Learning new maths words and exploring what they mean:add, addition, more than, combine, altogether.
  • Moving to the beat of music and songs
  • Learning about the Christian festival of Christmas
  • Displaying a sense of belonging to our class; recognising how others are feeling and reflecting on the consequences of our actions

Thanks for your interest and support

The Reception Team.

Light and Dark

We have had a busy 2 weeks learning about Light and Dark. We have read 2 main books.

‘Can’t you sleep little bear’ by Martin Waddell helped us to explore how darkness makes us feel. We made a small cave inside and a bigger one outside. We acted out the story using different character voices.


‘This is the Bear and the Scary Night’ by Sarah Hayes was the 2nd book we read. In this story the bear is left in the park by his owner. The bear overcomes his fear and the story has a happy ending. We chose a character from the story and wrote a speech bubble to express what the character was thinking or feeling.




We have been reading 2 books about Autumn

We’re going on a leaf hunt by Steve Metzger


Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert

We decided to go on our own leaf hunt in Plymouth Grove Park. We had a very exciting time spotting leaves that were different shapes and colours. We also found some berries, a willow sculpture and an insect house. We used the things that we collected to make Autumn collage pictures.

img_6035 img_6037 img_6040 img_6042 img_6046 img_6053 img_6059 img_6070 img_6071 img_6072 img_6073

Respecting Rights in Reception

We are working hard to learn about our rights to help our school achieve an award!

We made a list of what is important to us in Reception

  1. To play
  2. To learn
  3. To be safe
  4. To be happy
  5. To have a chance to speak
  6. To be listened to.

We made a ‘Rights Respecting Tree’for each classsroom.  We all wrote our names on a leaf and stuck it on the tree to remind us that we all need to work together and care for each other to make sure that everyone can access these rights.

rs-charter-display rw-charter-display

Welcome to Reception.

We have been very excited to welcome everyone to our new building and we are now having fun settling into class and exploring the areas of learning inside and outside.

Our topic is :Ourselves and Our Families

Here are some of the things that we will be learning over the next few weeks:

  • using information books to find out about our bodies and our five senses
  • talking about who is in our own family and reading stories about families
  • finding out which books are special to us
  • recognising, saying and writing letter sounds
  • writing our names using the correct letter formation
  • counting and recognising numbers
  • noticing and talking about changes in the weather
  • finding out about Autumn

On Fridays we will be taking part in music lessons with Mrs Morgan and sports activities with Mrs Thompson-Smith.  PLEASE WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES – NO BOOTS.

Parents please remember to:

  • write your child’s name in their coat and jumper
  • leave a bag of spare clothes for your child on their peg
  • write their name in the clothes and on the bag

Thanks for your support

The Reception Team